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I was Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and lived most of my life in Santiago, Chile. Given my humble background studying art was only a dream. Soon after moving to the United States, however, I had the opportunity to graduate from West Virginia University, majoring in art. While still an undergraduate, I was hired to teach drawing and oil painting. This opportunity really opened the doors for me as I began to discover my second passion, teaching. During the last seven years, I opened my own studio and began to teach children, adolescents and adults.

For the past few years, I have worked to learn how to draw the figure by heart to the point where I can create it from my imagination. I spend much time reading and looking at the work of many artists from the renaissance to present. I especially focused on Ingres’ drawings and paintings. I have spent countless hours doing gesture drawings of anatomy, researching sources and creating poses and features that helped me find my own style. My goal was and still is to gain confidence and skills as a professional artist.

I have learned and experimented with many painting techniques, underpaintings and pigments to achieve the surface and esthetics that I desire. I continue to study the history and influences of contemporary artists, recently forcing myself to move out of my comfort zone and studying artists who do not match my style and techniques. The results have been amazingly refreshing and have helped me find new and exciting things about my work.

Along the way I have tried to create work that represents who I am and what I want to communicate. I started a series of personal projects where I work entirely from imagination/memory. These projects are fueling a new excitement and my ideas became more clearly represented. I started a project that included portraits of girls who portray me in a biographical context. While working on them, I began to explore feelings of nostalgia and sentimentality and how they affect memories. My own experiences as an adolescent and its chaos, the anxiety of growing up too fast and the insecurities that came with my cultural background. I want to create images that represent a state of mind rather than literal portraits.

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