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Caroart Studios was founded in 2008; we started as a working studio producing fine art pieces and illustrations. We were still very young and inexperienced and needed to supplement our income, it was then when our head artist started teaching drawing and painting to children and adults. This changed everything, this was our new direction! We soon noticed not only was teaching our true passion, but the quality of our own work improved, we were learning.

We feel education, and art education even more so, does not put the student first. This is why we have taken a customer- centered approach to learning, the student and/or parents are our customers. We have found this makes students and parents evaluate us more rigorously, teaching us what works and more importantly what doesn’t. We knew for this to work we would have to refrain from any grants and subsidies and only rely on the pay of a happy customer.

We believe learning can be fun, while never losing sight of what the function of education is, building human capital. Our goal is to teach the fundamentals of art: composition, color theory, perspective, lights and shadows, and the human form. These foundations are essential for animators, concept artists, illustrators and other employable fields in the arts. Even if your future isn’t in the arts, the self discipline it takes to understand these concepts will carry over into other fields.

While there will always be a need for the traditional classroom setting, the ways of learning are changing.  At Caroart Studios we recognize this, so along with our in person classes we are expanding online, not only in art but other disciplines as well.

We believe in self-education, that is taking control of your education, there is a world of people, tutorials and books out there to learn from, and we believe we can be a part of that journey.


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